1. Basic Axemanship
    Fellow Project

  2. Stay Clean Jolene
    Stay Clean Jolene

  3. Losing It
    The Raging Nathans

  4. Fatten The Leeches

  5. Bound

  6. Sonic Avenues (Deluxe Edition)
    Sonic Avenues

  7. S/T E.P.

  8. 20 Minutes From Here
    New York

  9. Autonomy / No Sir, I Won't- Split LP

  10. Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?
    Beach Slang

  11. Blood & Sand
    Bear Trade

  12. Year Of The Snake Horse (2013-2014)

  13. Tethering
    Failures' Union

  14. Greasy Whistles/The Little Richards- Split

  15. Dig / Moral Net 7"

  16. Earworms

  17. Split E.P.
    NONA / Crow Bait

  18. Shores Of Lake Erie

  19. Goodnight Sellout
    Plow United

  20. 89 / Dead End Drive 7"

  21. One Of Them EP
    Smooth Brain

  22. Something To Dü Tribute 7" Comp.
    Unfun / Crow Bait / Tenement / Bent Outta Shape / The Dauntless Elite / Your Pest Band

  23. Fly With The Unkindness LP

  24. Paint By Numbers
    Siren Songs

  25. Promises To Deliver
    Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band

  26. Precious Child
    Dead Dog

  27. In Hades

  28. Dead Broke Tape Comp Vol. 5

  29. Queen For A Day
    Extra Feeler

  30. Never Been Caught
    The Criminals

  31. Smash Hits!! (2008-2011)
    Your Pest Band

  32. YA-YA-YA
    Your Pest Band

  33. Split N' Shit
    Iron Chic

  34. Hip Flask Life
    Bear Trade

  35. Smile More
    Wide Angles

  36. Make It Plain/Deep Pockets- Split E.P.

  37. American Handjob
    Go Sell Drugs

  38. Dead Broke Tape Comp Vol. 2


  40. How To Spot A Bastard
    Bastard Cut

  41. Demo 2011
    Siren Songs

  42. Caroline E.P.

  43. S/T E.P.
    Low Culture

  44. Demo TAPE
    Low Culture

  45. Sister Kisser/Rumspringer- Split E.P.

  46. S/T LP
    The Steve Adamyk Band

  47. Waiting For The Tanks To Come Rolling In
    Awful Man

  48. Dead Broke 4-Way Split 7" Vol. 3

  49. Waiting For The End E.P.

  50. The Blind Wink

  51. Discography
    Jean Claude Jam Band

  52. Weird Life EP
    For Serious This Time

  53. The Do Shit Tape

  54. New Ways To Say F*ck Off EP
    Awful Man

  55. Dead Broke Tape Comp Vol. 4

  56. 7" E.P.
    True Stereo

  57. If The Devil Had A Guitar...

  58. Sounds Too Loud, Lights Too Bright
    Man Without Plan

  59. Bridges, Matches & Gasoline
    Halfway To Hell Club

  60. Not Like This
    Iron Chic

  61. Immortal
    White Night

  62. "Polluted Waters" Split 7"
    Street Eaters/Severance Package

  63. 4 Songs

  64. Sad Magic

  65. Vipers
    Sister Kisser

  66. Demo
    Fuddy Duddys

  67. Dead Broke 4-Way Split 7" Vol.2
    Various Artists

  68. Shitty Rambo EP
    Iron Chic

  69. s/t 7" E.P.

  70. Don't Fool With a Phantom EP
    Wax Phantom

  71. Witches/Honky Horn & Bad Mouth- Split 7"
    Various Artists

  72. Demo Tape
    Dude Japan

  73. Tongue Twisting Tunes For Tiny Tots
    Bad Blood Revival

  74. 7" Songs

  75. ...It's A Fucking Demo

  76. 5 Song Tape
    Rad Payoff

  77. Dead Broke Tape Comp Vol. 3

  78. The Buried Life
    Fellow Project

  79. Booze 'N Drugs (Single)
    Love Panther

  80. Jonesin' / Shang-a-lang- Split 7" EP

  81. Demos
    Sister Kisser

  82. D.I.T.D. Discography
    Down In The Dumps

  83. Dead Broke 4-Way Split 7" Vol.1
    Various Artists

  84. Demo '08
    Iron Chic

  85. Demo 2008
    Get Bent

  86. Hole World EP

  87. Homosapien EP
    The Brass

  88. Everything We've Always Wanted But Lost Along The Way

  89. Recovery Stories & Worn-out Welcomes
    Basement Black

  90. Demo
    Go Sell Drugs


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DEAD BROKE REKERDS is an independent, D.I.Y. record label & distro run out of Long Island, N.Y. by a group of friends. This label was started to record & distribute our own bands, our friends bands, and anything else we feel people should hear. We hope to expose great music to as many people as we can, without the cost... hence the ingenius name. ... more

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