1. Bedford Falls
    Cardiff, UK
  2. Canadian Rifle
    Chicago, Illinois
  3. Dead Dog
    Athens, Georgia
  4. Deep Pockets
    New York, New York
  5. DON'T
    Portland, Oregon
  6. Down In The Dumps
    New York
  7. Explosivo!
    New York
  8. Frozen Teens
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  9. Get Bent
    Queens, New York
  10. Iron Chic
    Huntington Station, New York
  11. Jonesin'
    Holbrook, New York
  12. Jean Claude Jam Band
    Boston, Massachusetts
  13. Landlord
    Bloomington, Indiana
  14. Man Without Plan
    New York
  15. Medictation
    Sunderland, UK
  16. Murmurs
    Seattle, Washington
  17. Somerset Thrower
    New York, New York
  18. spit-take
    New Haven, Connecticut
  19. Wax Phantom
    Holbrook, New York
  20. Heavy Pockets
    Newmarket, New Hampshire
  21. ADD/C
    Chattanooga, Tennessee
  22. snuggle!
    Seattle, Washington
  23. Laika's Orbit
  24. Adult Magic
    New York
  25. Failures Union
    Buffalo, New York
  26. Fifteen.
    Berkeley, California


Dead Broke Rekerds West Islip, New York

DEAD BROKE REKERDS is an independent, D.I.Y. record label/distro based out of Long Island, NY. Since 2002. This label was started to record & distribute our own bands, our friends bands, and anything else we feel people should hear. We aim to expose great music to as many people as we can, without the cost, hence the ingenius name. Up the punks. ... more

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